The Confused Myth of “Cancellation”

Response is also “Speech”

Welcome to the Game

Take your own Medicine

  • the protests were about the systemic issues that led to Floyd’s death and other similar deaths and racial injustices rather than just that one specific event;
  • people expressing a perspective you disagree with (e.g. that organisations and individuals hashtagging BLM despite a notably poor track record on actions that promote diversity, inclusion or racial justice, are hypocrites) is not bullying, and their points are not invalidated because they didn’t say it nicely; and
  • #BLM activists aren’t pretending to link leftist economic ideas with racial justice as a “smart marketing” ploy, there is genuine conviction and sound supporting arguments that it will be impossible to achieve racial equality with growth capitalism as we know it running rampant. You don’t have to agree but to dismiss rather than engage those arguments critically because you’ve labelled the proponents negatively is such a blatant and hypocritical contradiction that I wonder how Sarah and others have missed it.

Eyes on the Prize, Kids

Intersectionality isn’t the Victimhood Olympics

  • believing people when they flag an inequitable outcome happening in the world/happening to them and others like them,
  • tracing the lines back from there to a systematic application of some norms/rules/laws/process of resource distribution that is flawed/unjust by design, and then
  • seeking a way to change/dismantle/counteract it.

The Oatmeal Rebrand is at the top of Nobody’s list

  • people intentionally doing ridiculous things no one asked them to do in order to paint the movement for racial justice as ridiculous,
  • people looking to earn their ‘good ally’ sash via the minimum viable effort; or,
  • people overwhelmed with ‘guilt’ and genuinely struggling to understand exactly how they put the ‘I’ in systemic and the difference between racist injury and racist insult.



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